I offer two in-house training courses, developed over the last 15 years. These have now been given to over 450 participants from 18 companies on three continents. They are:

Structural geology for explorationists, and..

Structural logging of drill core

 These are both office-based courses. The ideal number of participants is 6-12, but the courses have been successfully given to groups that have ranged in size from 4 to 28.  If logistics and venue permit, the courses are much improved by the addition of a field module. Although I have presented the courses many times, each one has differed somewhat in detail and content as I try to tailor them, as much as possible, to the time available and the requirements of the client.

A feature of both courses is their emphasis on map and drill-section based participatory problems that are designed to reinforce ideas and rigorously test knowledge and interpretational skills. Participants, in other words, are required to participate, and cannot expect to sit back in a PowerPoint-induced doze.

gorontalo workshop june 98 2

Workshop on geological interpretation of air photo and satellite imagery, Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Structural geology for explorationists

This course can be tailored to run from 1-4 days, although one day is probably a bit too concentrated to offer maximum value.  All aspects of structural geology, from basic to advanced university level are covered, but with emphasis on how to observe, measure and interpret structures seen in outcrop and drill core, and how to use structural knowledge to predict and define ore. Abundant examples and case histories, drawn from actual mines and prospects, illustrate the lessons.  A 150-page Course Manual provides a hard copy reference and reinforces the face-to-face teaching.  An idea of the detailed content of the course can be gained from the introductory and contents chapters of the Manual, reproduced below.

Exploration Geology course, Sichuan 2011

Exploration Geology course, Sichuan 2011

Structural geology for explorationists. Contents and Introduction pages from Course Manual

Structural Logging of Drill Core

The course normally runs for one day.  It aims is to teach participants how to maximise the geological returns from their diamond drill programs through the acquisition, recording, storage, presentation and interpretation of quantitative structural data.

The course manual (Structural logging of drill core) is published by the AIG (Australian Institute of Geologists) as their Handbook 5 (2nd Ed, 2007).  It is available free to Members from the AIG web site, or can be purchased from them (very cheap) as a bound hardcopy. The contents pages of the Handbook are reproduced below and give a good idea of the course content:


gorontalo workshop jun 98 3